Serving the business needs of the Bakery, Dairy and Snack Industries

Mangels and Associates is committed to being your premier manufacturing representative for high quality packaging, ingredients and retail products which exceed your total requirements.

Linda and Keith Mangels began business in early 1991, although the concept was conceived much earlier. Together they have more than 50 years combined experience in the retail, food and manufacturing industries.

Linda Mangels, former Buyer and sales representative for Alpha Beta/Ralphs forĀ 
18 years and an active member of the Allied Trades/Bakery Production Club, has an in-depth and practical knowledge of dairy and bakery manufacturing and the products vital to these industries.

Keith Mangels, experienced in operations and administration, brings with him an enduring commitment to the importance of service and quality support to the customer. He has successfully initiated a broad range of programs in the manufacturing, operations and retail fields.

Mangels and Associates continually endeavors to provide the highest value by extending higher quality products, consistently better service and dependableĀ 
follow through.

Mangels and Associates welcomes the opportunity to serve your requirements and constantly strives to enhance your business with its support.